Store consist of Grocery Superstore & Department Store (Ground & lower groound floors) covering 16,000 Sqft of space approximately. Store was just opened 18 months before & Store fixtures & fittings in brand new like condition. Store is professionally designed & fitted with top quality fixtures. Presently store is selling Foods, toiletries, Meat & poultry, Fruit & veg, drinks and ice creams,  Children garments, House hold items, Crockery, Kitchen items, cosmetics, ladies accessories & jewellery, Home textile and so on.

Store is professionally designed & fitted and is still in excellent appealing look. Interested parties may contact; +92302-5438 224     +92331-6402 637   E-mail;

Note: {Retail Consult is a third party}

Racks Basemant Including F&V 2,002,700.00
M&P /2pc Dallos/ Chiller /Cotting Table 2s/Mince Machine +Tiles 988,820.00
Three door chillier 2 282,500.00
Furniture(All) 156,400.00
Trolly (All) 516,000.00
Software (IBS) 150,000.00
AC 9s 2,386,750.00
DVR ,LED ,Cameras 682,455.00
generator 1,452,850.00
Security System(phonex) 152,400.00
Cashroom safe 2s 50,000.00
Cash counter 3s 150,000.00
IT All system Server ,PC ,Printer ,Cash Draw 1,009,155.00
Glass work 573,580.00
Fans. 56pcs 110,000.00
Lights ,Philips bulb with black cover 98,212.00
Total 10,761,822.00


Racks 857,200.00
Wooden work All 2,900,000.00
Garments Display 141,782.00
Track Lights 37,000.00
UPS 200,000.00
Shelf glass work toys 36,000.00
AC 9s 2,386,750.00
Manager/IT,Accounts,CEO,executive Offices 375,725.00
Cash counter 3s 150,000.00
Fans. 56pcs 110,000.00
Lights ,Philips bulb with black cover 98,212.00
Total 7,292,669.00